Wednesday, September 14, 2011

let's talk about breakfast.

When I go to breakfast, I'm the annoying person that orders a bunch of sides as a meal. Luckily, my husband doesn't mind. I'v been noticing how much I do this at home now. I never make myself a full omelet, I'm never in the mood for waffles and my breakfast burrito from Saguaro's doesn't sound appealing anymore. Here's an example of my breakfasts (this is what I had yesterday):

1. The peaches from Trader Joe's are amazing right now!
2. Sprouted wheat toast (also from Trader Joe's- I love their bread).
3.Hard boiled eggs with mustard. When I nannied for a family, this is how the little girl ate her eggs. After smelling the combo so many times and taking tiny nibbles of hers every once in a while, this is the only way I'll eat hard boiled eggs.
4. Avocado goes with every meal and is my favorite snack.

I also have yogurt with my breakfast everyday, but with a little something extra added to it. (More on that later) Although, I'm not having omelettes and waffles for breakfast, I feel like my meals are pretty well balanced and enjoyable for me. If I have too many scrambled eggs a few days in a row, I won't eat them for a couple of weeks. I get sick of certain foods really fast if I have too much of them. These "snack plates" (as I like to call them) seem to keep my taste buds interested.

What do you usually eat for breakfast? Do you like small portions of a lot of different foods or bigger portions of a couple things?


  1. You remind me so much of Katie. She loves to eat little bite-size portions of a variety of foods (at all meals). Whenever she and I go out to eat we will order several dishes and share. That way we get a little sampling of more things. I don't usually eat that way, but I always enjoy my meals when I do.

    And you plate looks delicious! You are making me want to switch to the "snack plate" style. :-)

  2. yum, i'm totally jealous of your breakfast! i had frozen junior mints for breakfast :-/