Saturday, June 11, 2011

colors inspired by: Kelli Murray

Today's collection was inspired by the lovely Kelli Murray. Kelli is a local artist here in San Diego. I love reading her blog and looking through so many inspiring post and photos. Hop on over there and visit! You'll find her lovely illustrations, her gorgeous outfit posts, and many other inspiring things. Also, new to the list: pics of her baby bump and cute baby girl clothes [Yay! Congratulations, Kelli and Sam!].

If you'd like the chance to win A LOT of Kelli's work, enter her giveaway [It's a big one]! Or if you just can't wait, visit her Etsy shop and buy something pretty :)

2. Large shoulder bag - Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent (via shopbop)
3. Sunderland Suede Wedge Booties - Rag + Bone (via shopbop)
4. Ring- Dawes Design

Any weekend plans? We are having another busy one. Yesterday we decided to make Sundays 'family days' for just us. We love seeing our family and friends every weekend but we haven't been home to just relax together and be at our house in our neighborhood. In fact, we've been not doing that every weekend for almost three months straight. But it's up to us to say no to certain things and figure out what are our priorities [and that we just can't do everything].

On a side note, guess what today is.. My sister, her husband, and my niece fly in today from Germany! YAY!!! I'm so excited to see them!! I'll be having lots of baby time this weekend, hope you enjoy yours too :)


  1. Oh my gosh, I love this so much! I think we have the same style :) xo.

  2. Kelli is awesome! Ya I totally hear you about Sundays. We were doing a ton on Sundays and then we kinda decided we didn't want to be as busy on Sunday as all the other days in the week. We try to reserve sunday for church, naps and cooking dinner at home or going over to my parents house. No commitments on Sundays! That's my stand :)