Friday, June 10, 2011

diy braided hex nut bracelet

[idea and pic from Honestly, WTF.]
Cailen and I are addicted to Pinterest [It's ok, I' not ashamed of it]. A few weekends ago, we were hanging out and decided to try this DIY that we found on Pinterest. We followed the tutorial on Honestly, WTF and this is how it went...
The store we went to didn't have the gold hex nuts in large quantities so we decided to spray paint ours.
Next time, we'll wear gloves.
We were braiding for a while and found it easier when one end was secured to something.
They turned out pretty!
Yay! Project complete :)

Cailen and I have many projects that we want to give a try. I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to these ideas.'s endless.

I wanted to say a BIG thank you for all of the amazing compliments that we received yesterday about our songs. I was excited to share the song that I helped write [I hope to do more writing this year]. Jake is an amazing song writer. His lyrics always blow me away and I'm glad that we can share them with people.
Yesterday was so much fun. We hung out in my living room and just recorded from garage band. One live recording for our vocals and his guitar. The less takes, the better. We both hate the recording process [but what we did doesn't compare what other musicians have to do!] However, the kind feedback we got here, on facebook, and twitter was encouraging to record more. Sadly we had to cut our session short today because my voice hasn't fully recovered from being sick [almost a whole month with no voice].
Just wanted to say thanks for listening ♥