Thursday, June 16, 2011

at home with sigur ros and animals.

Francine loves to be in the middle of what everyone else is doing. Apparently, that's the best place to nap. My fabric storage is at the top of our staircase in our bedroom. It's in the corner of two sunny windows, so naturally, it's her favorite spot. Kitty fur doen't look very good on my pretty fabrics and I'm sick of lint rolling and having to wash everything again. I finally put things on the top shelf (on top of the fabric) so that she couldn't lay there, but she decided to just use the shelves below.
When I'm in the middle of moving her again and telling her 'no', Patrick just stares curiously from down below. He wants her to play with him so bad. Whenever he sees her, he gets so excited. He dances and wiggles in a circle around her in excitement. She just growls and jumps up where he can't reach her. It's so sad. But Im grateful that no matter how bad she's annoyed with him (or me for forcibly holding their faces next to each other) she's never used her claws (on either of us). She's a good kitty (even when she's grumpy).

I've been away from the computer a lot this past week. It's really nice. It's so easy to fall into those computer comas all day after thinking that I'm going to just check something really quick (yeah right). That's the reason for the quiet around here. I still have a lot of things that I'm working on today, but wanted to say hello ;) I'm doing my work in the sunroom and listening while the Heima video plays in the background. Have you seen it? Sigur Ros is one of my all time favorite bands (and #1 favorite performance EVER!) and this film NEVER gets old. If you like them, you should definitely buy this one! It's great to have on while you are creating or cleaning or doing anything at home. (PS- there's a ton of bonus footage! The first time that I discovered it, I thought it would never end. It's awesome.)
This is my favorite song that they wrote. I would pay the full cost of a ticket just to see them perform this live. It's the most incredible experience. (Also amazing: driving around and listening to it really loud while it's raining).

I'll be choosing a winner for the giveaway tomorrow. You have until midnight tonight to enter!

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