Thursday, June 9, 2011

the living room.

Our living room is the place to be today. Here's whats going on:
Making some quick tags for a wholesale order I'm shipping out [and watching 30 Rock].
Recording some music with this guy. That's my brother and his handsom face. [I'm trying to learn what WAV and AIFF mean and how to use Bandcamp so that you can have a listen.]
I'm making To Do lists and devouring lunch.
We don't have a dining room table, so we eat at our couch. Patrick knows he's not allowed on the couch when we're eating. So he stares at me with this face.
Got my hair cut last weekend. You like? The lovely Cami did it. You could visit her here.
I'll be back tomorrow with a DIY :)


  1. Love love love your hair!! and we don't have a dining room either, and eat on the couch, the boys know to sit in the hallway while we eat, or go in their rooms, which they never do.

  2. awww look how cute you are :)


  3. 1. Jake is adorable.
    2. Your pup melts my heart.
    3. You are totally rockin' that new do! Love it!