Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Like I've said before, I've been a little bored with photography. I feel like it's all looking the same ( well, as long as we're talking about wedding photography). So when i see a talented photographer with a great eye and editing skills, I'm very happy. Luckily, I personally know someone who fits into that category :) He's marrying one of my best friends and he's awesome! Everytime i see new pictures that he's taken, I'm blown away! Today was one of those days.

Nathan and Summer headed down our way last night to hang out. It was lots if fun! We went to the zoo and then had dinner at chipotle (Margarita Mondays! ). Everyone had a camera (except me of course) and were taking pictures left and right. Nathan posted some of his pictures on his blog today and they made me soooooo happy!!! They look so beautiful! See for yourself :)

This is his beautiful fiancé, Summer.

You can see more of Nathan's wonderful work on his blog.

Location:San Diego Zoo, Balboa Park

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