Monday, July 18, 2011

mondays are messy.

What does my desk look like today? Yep, a disaster. There's a photo shoot going on tonight. I'm hustling to get ready for tomorrow's event before I leave for the shoot. What does that mean for me and my desk? Lots of mess, glue gun burns, lunch, Friday Night Lights, and a cool lime refresher from Starbucks. Yum. Hope you have a productive Monday! I should be back tomorrow ♥


  1. This looks like the perfect day. Love.

  2. OHHHH I found you! :)

    lovely lovely blog!

  3. Such a pretty mess :)

    Where are you with Friday Night Lights? Its one of my favorite shows of all time. Funny, Billy's sister Heather and her husband have been extras on that show sooo many times. They live in Austin where the show was filmed. In one episode (last season I think) she ends up being Matt's grandma's nurse and actually has a smidge of camera time - crazy!!