Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shop Update

Cami's Flower Broach/ Hairpiece in Saucy Red. I made this for one of my closest friends and hair stylist, Cami. Of course, I had to name it after her...and yes, she's saucy :)

Emily's Bow Tie Necklace. I had this necklace listed in the shop before. I felt that it needed a new name and some decent pictures. I'm not sure why, but it reminded me of my friend, Emily and something that she might wear. Maybe it was just because I was thinking about how much I miss her :)

Golden Velvet Hair Bow. It's attached to a barrette so that you can snap it in your hair easily. I think that I wear bows in my hair more than anything (and the bigger, the better). I wear them styled like in the photo here, below the backside of a messy bun, or just above my fancy pony tail.

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