Thursday, July 21, 2011

table displays + new friends

Very early on Tuesday morning, I packed up my displays and products and headed out to Villa de Flores in Rancho Santa Fe. It's such a pretty drive especially in the early morning when it's cool and quiet. I didn't hit any traffic on the freeway-always a plus to waking up so early.

Erin of Hall Events invited me and four other Etsy artists to join a gathering for the Association of Bridal Consultants. It was so sweet of her to invite all of us, because it was such a great opportunity to meet other people who are in the wedding industry (and have lots of experience!) All of our tables were under these beautiful wooden arbors that were covered in grapevines and surrounded by gorgeous landscape.

My sweet friend, Azy, woke up before the sun to come out there and help me set up my table. I get really bad anxiety when I go to events like this and I don't know anyone. Knowing she would be there while I found my way around, met new people, and set everything up was a huge confidence booster for me- thanks Azy! :)

This was only my second time having a table display of my work. The first time was here. I was very happy with how my it turned out. It felt more sophisticated this time around- or at least, I think so.

Overall, the event went well. I had a little more practice talking with people in a professional manner, thinking on my feet (when I'm nervous, Im horrible at that), learned a lot from the speakers during lunch, and got to meet a of lot people. Speaking of, I had the pleasure of meeting this lovely lady (our tables were right next to each other). We have very similar taste and interests. Therefor, we became instant friends- don't you just love when that happens? (I'll be sharing more pictures of the event tomorrow along with her pretty display.)

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  1. Loved your table so much!! So happy to meet you and see all your lovelies in person! It would be so fun to do something like this again!!