Thursday, July 28, 2011

what i wore // working at home

Yesterday I woke up really early (like 5:30 early), dropped Philip off at the beach, took Patrick on a walk, ran errands, and did a lot of working from home. I was pretty tired all day and just wanted to be comfy. This is what I wore.

top: hand-me-down from my sister
leggings: Forever21
necklace: Meghan's Fringe Necklace from my shop
oxfords: Target

Remember the other day when I said we don't have money to shop? Well, funny thing- I bought these flats yesterday. I've been wanting a pair of oxfords for a long time now (a very long time). I missed the train when Target was selling them the first time around and all of the other pairs I've found since then are too expensive. Yesterday I was wandering around Target and guess what they had back on their shelves? Yep, these little beauties. Philip knew how long I've wanted these shoes. I was very grateful when he said I could get them ♥


  1. Love the shoes! What a great pair!

  2. That's super cute and looks comfy! Love it. :)