Wednesday, July 6, 2011

stars on sticks.

I cut the moon in half
And stuck a piece to my hair
It made the back of my head glow
Golden yellow and then I took
Ten stars on sticks and placed them in my small metal
Bucket and I gave the other half of the moon to you
Ooh, so you wouldn't forget me while I'm gone...

-Eisley//Plenty of Paper
At first glance, you probably would think that this was the night of the fourth. Nope. Fireworks are legal in Albuquerque and they were being sold under tents in almost every parking lot. We opted for just sparklers (although that wasn't the boys' first choice). It made for a funny and chaotic 10 minutes on the back patio. There were different sizes and types, people were passing them around, I was barefoot (stupid), the short ones burned your hand (this was the reason for Cailen's expressions in the bottom pictures). It was pretty fun and I love how all of the pictures turned out.

(We had a killer dance party after this...more pictures to come.)