Thursday, October 14, 2010

Anthropologie ♥

My friend Natasha came down to San Diego last weekend. She brought her lovely friend, Katrina, who I quickly learned is awesome just like she is :) One little problem though: Tash had never been to Anthro! We fixed that immediately!
I am usually in Anthropologie AT LEAST once a week. I could stand in there forever! Yes, I love everything they sell, of course. But their displays- TO DIE FOR! I am insanely inspired as soon as I walk in. My usual routine: I walk around the store very slowly looking at every display and touching everything. After I've soaked it all in, I sit on their little wooden chair they have outside their door and scribble down a TON of ideas! It's such a wonderful place.

I found THE PERFECT COUCH! I love this baby! I just thought the shape was so cute. It reminded me of Alyce in Wonderland. I knew it was outrageously expensive, but I was just curious. I asked the sales girl how much it was. "I'm not sure off the top of my head. I know it's more than $1,000". In my head, I heard: "a LITTLE over $1,000" which sounded pretty reasonable. Definitely got my hopes up for a few seconds because she quickly asked her supervisor who told me it was $3,999! NOT REASONABLE! It's ok, it was a fun spot for pictures.

I wasn't too surprised about the couch, I mean, come on- it's Anthro. I usually can't afford anything bigger than a mug. So I never go in expecting to buy something to buy unless I have a gift card. (In which case, the entire time the gift card is on me and I'm not inside an Anthropologie, I'm thinking of what I'll spend it on.)
I am always in love with their kitchen stuff, but never want/ think it's possible to buy a whole set of something, so I don't get too excited. But that night, I found this dining set on this gorgeously decorated table...

We didn't register for a dining set for our wedding. I was SUPER picky about all of them and never found one I liked at either of our registry stores. We actually ended up finding a super cute set at Marshall's that I love. The only problem: they're made very cheaply and the paint isn't holding up very well. You can always tell by how light those dishes are. They just aren't made well. A little over a year later, it's already time for a new set.
You can't tell in these pictures, but in the middle of the ink designs on the plates and bowls there's a mirror like finish. It's hard to explain but it makes it look so rustic and amazing! You can sort of see it in the bowl in the picture above.
I really really want this set! Seriously. I'm buying it. I decided that I'll buy it piece by piece when I have extra money from my sales or tips at work. Also, Christmas is coming up, so that works out pretty nicely. Doesn't it? :)

I had so much fun visiting and shopping with those girls! I was so happy that they decided to take their spontaneous road trip. Maybe I'll get to visit them soon so we can play in the Redwoods in Santa Cruz :)

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