Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A new little something.

The past two nights, before bed, I've been working on some more pieces for the shop. They're done, but they're pictures are not. Until then, here' s a sneak peek :)

Also, we are still waiting for a free night to carve our pumpkins. I'll post the pictures as soon as we do. ..I think the busy-ness of the holiday season has started a little early for us this year. We have a lot of birthdays and celebrations that are going on these last few months of 2010. They're all great and I'm excited, but it's already going by too fast! For example, my sister's double baby shower is this weekend. Yep- one on Saturday, one on Sunday. I'm so excited to celebrate her little one coming into the world, but it's so hard for me to finish projects after my shifts at Starbucks. Tomorrow is my only day off before the showers so I better make the most of it and be super productive!!
Enjoy the rest of your day. I hope it's a cozy one.

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