Thursday, October 7, 2010


This weekend, were planning on going to Bates Nut Farm. We have been going every October for the past few years or so with a group of friends. Everyone grew up going there and as we got older, we all decided to start a tradition. We usually hang out afterward and carve pumpkins together.
Now, I have not always seen myself as the most patient person in the world. I have definitely gotten a heck of a lot better in this area since I started crafting on a regular basis. You have to have enough patience to actually FINISH a project before you can see the end result. A lot of things I do are small, detailed, time consuming and straining on the eyes. Therefor, my patience is growing more and more. I don't know what it is about pumpkins but I have ZERO patience when it comes to carving them! There's so many steps- planning your design, getting the tools, making a stencil, cutting the top (just the right way so it actually stays), gutting it, and then there's the actual cutting which takes way too long. I don't like the typical halloween faces that are goofy or scary. Mostly because I hate Halloween, I think it's the worst holiday. So maybe that's me rejecting it in some way. But the creative crafter inside of me really enjoys those oober cute pumpkins that are shaped like owls or that have cute lace patterns on them. i just dont have the tolerance to make my pumpkin look like those. I usually end up painting it. This year, I am going to try really really hard to create a pumpkin that I am proud of. I needed ideas and inspiration so I found some via Martha Stewart's website. I wanted to share them with you. Then after Sunday, I'll share my pumpkin with you.

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  1. don't think of it as Halloween, but rather Eric's birthday!