Monday, October 18, 2010

I've spent this morning recovering from our busy weekend. My poor husband, however, was back to work at 8am this morning. He was the HUGEST help all weekend as my mom, my grandma, and myself had so many demands, chores, decorating needs, and food/ drinks to be picked up. He hasn't really got much of a break these past few weeks. I hope he gets one soon. He MORE than deserves one...or 10.
I watched way too many movie trailers this morning instead of going through the shower pictures to post. Here's some that I am looking forward to seeing.


  1. I often find myself watching endless movie trailers. It starts with just one innocent little trailer, and then leads to way too much time to spend sitting watching little snippets of things on the couch. But I do love it.

  2. its really was the BEST way to spend my rainy morning before work :)

  3. okay....i totally want to see those three movies too! why am I not surprised ;)