Monday, October 18, 2010

Sweet little find.

I am a big fan of any work that comes out of Studio Violet. This book is no exception. How cute are these pictures?! I want to buy this for a little person in my life.

Also, Chelsea posted the cutest DIY owl lady costume for one of Elsie's tricks and treats post today! So adorable! Maybe I want to change my Halloween idea??? We were going to be Mr. And Mrs. Fox from Wes Anderson's amazing film.


  1. Oh, I thought about the Fantastic Mr. Fox idea for my boys- we have the "fox tail neck tie" but I'm not sure .my other idea was to dress up as Margot and have my boys be Chas & Richie... as the Tenenbaums. :)


  2. Ahh! LOVE the Tenenbaums idea! So clever :)