Wednesday, October 13, 2010

being inspired is being productive.

This morning, you might say that I'm starting my day a little late. I have a lot to do before the shower this weekend and I need to make the most of my time today. But i was! I promise! This is what ive done so far...
I drove to the coffee shop and parked far away so that I could enjoy the morning air. Walking outside in these cute little neighborhoods does wonders for me! The past hour or so, i sipped my coffee, had some devotion time, checked emails, and soaked in some inspiration out there in blog land. This is the best way for me to start my day! I had some time to myself and I am so easily inspired by those walks, the feeling of the morning air, and finding so many inspiring posts. Now my mind has a million more ideas, my crafty heart is so excited to get everything done, and my OCD side of my brain can't wait to finish it all so i can give lots of attention to our messy house!
Here's a little inspiration to share with you before I start my to do list...

I feel like everything that I'm in love with lately is Swedish. Fashionistas, decor, furniture- everything. I definitely can't read this blog, but that's ok because she has cute pictures of her baby belly and vintage dresses.

I found these photos over at 100 layer cake yesterday. Beautiful.

I'm always inspired by Miss James's "What We Wore" posts. Her cute little family is so stylish!

I found this gorgeous and simple DIY on Danni's blog. She just got married and while they are honeymooning, she has a new guest blogger everyday.

I was so giddy when I found yet another mad hatter tea party bridal shower to spark some more ideas! Here.

Also over at green wedding shoes, I found these GORGEOUS pictures! I am absolutely in LOVE with the silhouette of this dress and I think the mix of the colors in is bouquet is fantastic!

I hope you're inspired. I know I am. I think now is a good time to start my day :)

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  1. So awesome! The colors are amazing! Are you using a feed reader to manage your blogs? It is likely you know all about that but in case you don't I suggest Google Reader. Also you can subscribe to foreign blogs and google will translate it into English - I have a couple that I read that are in French and this feature is awesome!