Tuesday, October 26, 2010

we're back.

So many exciting things going on around here this week. It's just that were out of town and without Internet. Now I get to share them with you :)

I was so giddy tonight when I was visiting 100 layer cake and happened to spot one of my ring bearer book stacks!! Remember Kristen and Ben? Well, their GORGEOUS wedding was posted today. You should definitely check out the post. There's a lot of beautiful pictures. They did everything themselves, the location is just breath taking, and everyone looked fantastic!

Also, we wanted to say a huge thank you to Rebecca for posting about Philip's shop. She bought a lamp after one of her sweet readers sent her the link. The name of the book was Archer in Hollywood. Her sons name is Archer and they live up in LA, so it was a perfect fit :)

Speaking of lamps, Philip has some new pieces in the shop. There were more but they've been selling within hours of him listing them!

And lastly, one of my boutonierres was featured on Emmaline Bride this week. They did a woodland inspiration post and I got to be apart of it. Emma was sweet enough to invite me to be a featured artist for their site. They just recently had a make over and it looks great! Check them out for great wedding ideas!

We're adjusting to having to get back to our daily routine. Part of that for me is being consistent with the blog, which I'm slowly getting better at. Check back this week for shop updates and other exciting things. Good night.

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  1. Jeez you guys! That is awesome! You are like famous... don't forget the little people:)