Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Decorate me.

I LOVE jewelry, but I realized that I don't wear it very often. Rings, yes. I love BIG rings. Those are apart of my everyday wardrobe. I love necklaces of all sorts, but they don't make it out the door with me very often. I always find earrings that I like, but they never see to get worn either. Well, I still like looking at jewelry and buying every now and again. Maybe I should just make more of an effort. Here's some that have caught my eye lately...


  1. I love the second necklace, but they're all cute! Good taste.
    I used to find myself neglecting my myriad of accessories. The only way I remember to put them on (especially early in the morning) is if they are visible. A few things I've done:
    1. Put a hanger on my wall displaying my stockings and scarves
    2. I have a jewelry wall! I took old stretcher bars from a canvas (a frame would work to) painted it, and stapled lace from a fabric store in it so I could hang all my dangling earrings. I will do a DIY blog about it soon so you can see if you'd like!

  2. That would be great! Id love to see it!...I have to admit- I actually have a lovely branch display stand for my jewelry that my husband made for me when we were dating. Maybe I haven't been wearing my jewelry because my kitty knocked it over and it's all tangled in a pile at the base of the tree ;) I'll try organizing it and see if that helps.

  3. The second one.. Ive seen their etsy shop time and again and i LOVE them. I wear a ton of necklaces, but never rings. Actually I don't think I own a ring besides my wedding ring. Hmmm. The pendant necklace from anthro is AMAZING. I bet I could make something similar... that would be cool! If I do, I'll make a second and send one to you <3

  4. that would be grand! I LOVE that necklace! ...we should have a craft date soon.

  5. Check out my blog, I did a DIY post for a jewelry display! It hangs on the wall so it should be more cat proof... who am I kidding. If a cat wants it, THEY WILL GET IT hahaha!