Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Wreaths.

That sneak peek earlier this week was of these two wreaths I made. Like my other wreaths, they are made of yarn and have both moss and ribbon on them. I wanted to make another wreath with deer on it like the one I used in the giveaway on Freckled Nest. Something new that I did was add these paper flowers. Philip has a TON of scraps from hollowing out the vintage books for his lamps. I always feel so horrible throwing them away so I took a few and started just playing with them. Eventually, I made these flowers and loved them!

I think the light colors of the moss, bark, paper flowers with the branches are perfect for winter and fall. I like making things that don't fall into traditional color schemes that holidays tend to have (Halloween: orange, black, purple. Christmas: red, green, white. etc) I would definitely display these with our Christmas decor.
I'm planning on using some of these paper flowers to make a set of boutonnières. Whatchya think- good idea?

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