Thursday, January 6, 2011

2011 Goals.

Here's my list for the new year. I have it pinned above my desk so that I can see it everyday. Next to it is another list: ways to make these things happen. For instance- my first goal: read the word daily. To me, this is the most important one. It affects every part of my life and needs to come before everything else. I'm tackling this one with my husband and my friend, Diane. Under this one, I have...
[1] keep a my study bible on my desk. [2] keep my little bible in my purse. [3] keep a copy of reading plan in both bibles. [4] text Diane & Philip questions/favorite passages/ etc for accountability.
These are practical ways to make sure that I'm actually doing this. Each of my goals have a thought out list just like this one so that I don't flake out.

This list is hanging above my desk. I am almost done setting it up and I love how it's turning out! Here's a little sneak peek of some details.

My work area is really important to me. It has to be inspiring, functional, organized, and pretty so that I can [and want to] get things done. Can't wait till it's done!


  1. Great photos! So artistic. I've worked on some goals too. I like yours, especially the one about reading the Word daily. It is truly amazing how reading the Word can infuse you with some amazing energy.

  2. reading the word daily is also one of my goals. i'm glad to see that this is important to other people out there.

  3. Lots of people make goals, I like that you took it one step further and created an action plan. What a great way to hold ourselves accountable and carve a path to reach each goal. xoxo

  4. i can't wait! i hope to see lots of pictures!