Friday, January 7, 2011

Enemies. For now.

In case you didn't know [new readers], I am the proud momma of a kitty and a new puppy. I've had Francine since before Philip and I were married. She is very comfortable in our home and thinks of herself as the queen [im sure].

Whenever we were talking about getting a dog, I was a little worried about how Francine would do. When Patrick became part of the family, I was pleasantly surprised by Francine's tolerance of him. [As of now, that's all it is]
She will let him come up and sniff her. She will even approach him sometimes. However, as this is happening, she's always giving him a 'warning growl'. She's never used claws to strike at him. She just uses her powder puff paws and gives him a little bop on the head. Usually the growl is enough for him to back off, but sometimes when he's really excited to see her, he gets the bop.
Because of this odd relationship, I can seem to take any pictures of them together.
[When I do, they look like this]

Hah! Irritated kitty and curious puppy going in for the pounce. [poor little guy doesn't anticipate the outcome].
So for now, all pictures I take of them are usually with a good amount of distance between least they're in the same frame.

I'm grateful that they can be in the yard together or on the couch at the same time. I'm secretly hoping to find them doing this when I come home one day:


  1. ohhhh my heck!! hahahaha, this makes me so happy :) that picture of patrick about to pounce is HILARIOUS! and yes! that last picture is so cute! i want that for them too!!

    ps. good job taking daily pictures! looks like you got more than 4 today :)

  2. Aw they are both so adorable! Hopefully they'll become friends soon - it just takes time! I'm looking forward to seeing more photos of your cute pets!

  3. Kitty! The puppy is adorable! Eeep. Too much cuteness. (o:

  4. I think your puppy is officially the cutest ever.