Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Our Bedroom Inspiration.

We have been in our home since this last March. That's almost a year. It's still not all put together like we want. The past couple of weeks, we have been giving much needed attention to our bedroom. Here are some pictures to inspire my unfinished project:

The wall above our bed is this same color. I had a similar color scheme already picked out since we moved in. It was nice to find this inspiring picture of a finished room with the same colors.

We decided that the answer to our lack of closet space was a garment rack. My dresses are too long for our closet and so are some of my coats. Also, what girl doesn't want all of her dresses displayed in such a pretty way? [I have a lot and this will free up tons of closet space]♥
I may have posted this picture before. I think that wooden crates are such a great way to make shelves! We mounted one next to my desk the other day and it makes me so happy.

Our bedroom is very big. It's practically the whole 2nd floor of our house. It's a lot bigger than our living room and non existant dining room. There are huge windows with tons of light and lots of wall space. Because of all of this, my desk area is being set up in our bedroom. That's been my favorite and most motivating part of finishing this project. I get to set up my work space :)

My side of the bed doesn't have space for a bedside table. That means no lamp. We mounted one of Philip's book stack lamps on the wall so I could have light. book lamp=happiness.

This picture. Oh, this picture. It makes me heart so happy when I look at it! I absolutely LOVE that headboard!!!! I think this is the most beautiful bed I've ever seen! That yellow and white would look so great in our room. I wish it were mine.


♥ ♥ ♥

There are more pictures on my "our bedroom inspiration" board on pinterest. I have many other boards for inspiration as well. Follow me here.


  1. I just love the inspiration you pull together. You and Philip have such wonderful, organic taste. I am still holding out for those Christmas display pics. Can we get a peek?

  2. Very very cool ideas Chels. I LOVE the bed, wow. If only!! Funny, the longer I am married, the more Billy comes around to at least sort of agreeing to my tastes, and it's been nothing but a battle. You got it right off the bat you lucky girl!