Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Out with the Girls.

Today, Patrick and I headed up the coast to my parents' house. It was such a beautiful day.

I love taking long drives. It's a lot more fun with a snoring pup in my lap.

When I got there, I found this cuddly duo on a huge bed of comforters and pillows watching the office. So cozy!

Mary Jane was about to get a bath. Somewhere in between changing her and getting the bath ready, she peed all over her auntie. This picture was after-the-fact. She thought it was funny- she had a smile on her face the whole time.

Watching her get a bath was so cute. She loves the water and was so happy. Kaleigh and I took Mary Jane to the mall while Mema and Papa watched Patrick. When we got back, the babies went to sleep.

I had such a great day seeing my family and hanging out with my sister. She's such a great mommy [and looks fantastic if I do say so].
I'm soaking up days like these best I can. My brother-in-law is in the army, so they will be moving to Germany in June for couple years. I will miss them terribly!


  1. What a beautiful story and pics...Ugh I'm gonna cry thinking about D and K and MJ going to Germany. We should all go as a fam to visit!!! It would be Uber-Fun, plus we all spent 2 days in that hospital we could probably travel together :)Erica

  2. Oh what a precious little girl! I know all about getting peed on. Noah thought it was the best to pee on mommy for a while. I love your puppy too! You much be having so much fun.

  3. Sweet babies! And a sweet Patrick:)