Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Oh, Wednesday

I have been so productive lately and it makes me so happy! Today was one of those days. I have Wednesdays off of work and had a whole list of things that needed to get done. Guess what? The whole list is crossed off! Let me tell you what, these were not fun things: going to the DMV, getting the oil changed in my car, and cleaning out my car. They all got done and did not take as long as I thought.
Some other things on my list were enjoyable, but still on the list. I had a couple of custom orders to finish and mail out, e-mails to respond to, and pictures to take for the shop. Fun!
Because of this day, I didn't get to take any fun pictures while I was out and about. Today's color from Poppytalk's Winter Colours Week is blue. I took these around the house once I got home.

I also took some pictures of Francine. No matter where I put fabric, she wants to sleep in it. I watched her pull the tulle out of this bag just to make herself right at home [I wouldn't want to sleep on itchy tulle either].

I died laughing when I saw that last picture! She looks like she was winking at Philip ;)

Later, I came back and she had fallen asleep. Sometimes during the day [maybe it's too bright?] she covers her face with her arm. I think it's the cutest thing ever!


  1. Cute cute cute! I love Francine too!

    Guess what, we are moving and I will have my own craft area soon. CRAFT. AREA. SOON. stay tuned.